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Nature Pictures
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So here I go trying out a new hobby "Photography" , I have always been a but camera crazy so it's only fitting that I venture into "REAL" photography.
Of course I am nothing but a amature and have no intention of trying to compare myself will the "real deal" pros but hey we all gotta start somewhere, right?
Here you can see a few of the pictures I have been taking during the different seasons..............
You will probably notice that all my pictures here are flowers, well I am a beginner and well flowers are easy subjects (most of the time).


I took this picture from our little wildflower garden in our backyard. Rob's idea this year istead of planting veggies we plant flowers and it turned out to be the best idea yet..............


Yet another flower from our humble backyard, the lighting here was just right and only the flower really "POPS"


Gotta have sunflowers! Oh what a SUNNY DAY!


I love this one , it looks like I took it at night but it was midday and plenty of sunlight, it's not doctored either. The lighting was just right and it make the flower really stand out.

All images are Copyrightę2005 Carmen Sutton