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Family Photo Album

The Sutton Family Site

On this page I'll add pictures of our family at home, at play, on holiday...................
And any pictures that I initially post on the front page of our website will eventually end up here too!!!!

Family Photo 2005
This picture taken in St Augustine Thanksgiving 2005

I got it I got it!
Our most recent family picture, taken during our trip to St Augustine to see the family for Thanksgiving.
I'll be adding a few more pictures we took during this trip as soon as I get permission from the rest of the family to post their pictures here.

I just love this picture of the boys believe it or not this is usually how they are. Patrick adores his BIG brother and Robert is a very protective BIG brother (that is except when they are at each others throat, haha)


XMAS 2005
I am going to add more pictures of recent events of our little family , such as our Christmas with the "abuelos" .  My mom and dad came in December 2005 to spend Xmas with us and the boys.
I'll post more pictures as soon as I get permission form them to post here as well........
We all had a blast especially on Xmas morning. 'nough typing see for yourself........

Christmas 2005
This was our Xmas picture this year, edited and colorized by me.

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