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The Sutton Family Site


Trick or treat?
Well I have a few treats for you no tricks involved.
The boys had a awsome time trick or treating of course they had a bit of a rough time going to sleep but all is well tonigh and the witches, ghosts and goblins have gone away for another year...................


Jack O' Lantern spookyness!
I love how this picture came out , just a little out of focus and kinda SPOOKY!


Robin (as in batman and Robin) and my little NINJA!
This was as good a picture as I could get of both of them (they were ANTSY to get out and TRICK or TREAT!)


Patrick and mommy (I mean Batgirl or should I say batmom! and Robin.
Robert took this picture and I think he's got talent, it came out pretty nice.


Finally the CANDY!!!!!
This is what they got between the both of them, plus we still have a full bowl (Rob is going to take some to his office). I think we didn't have as many Trick or treaters this year.................Oh well,more for ME ......I mean them!!!!

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