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All about Robert

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This page will be dedicated to Robert, his milestones and of course tons of pictures.


Took this picture outside in the front yard on a HOT HOT summer day, but of course my camera "Hog" just had to pose as soon as I clicked the camera on......

Here I will post the most recent picture of Robert, probably with a tiny story or maybe a picture I found while  going through all his photos and that I find cute, funny or both.

Ok I finally figured out what I would like to share on Robert's page. I think I will do a small timeline from 2001 to date every 6mths or so for the first year, then maybe a picture for 2yrs and 3yrs.
UPDATE JUNE 12th 2006
Finally I am updating Robert's page and I apologize if I seem to have no rhyme or reason for how these pictures and stories are posted but I have a ton to catch up on and I guess anything is better than nothing so here ya go.....
Robert graduated from preschool (Creekstone Creative School) on Saturday June 10th. They had a small ceremony in which the kids sang songs in English and Spanish about their colors, and about there new journey into KINDERGATEN.........................Can you believe my boy is starting school this year..............(I'll post more about that journey later)
I am sharing a few (and I repeat few, because my camera was acting funny) pictures we got of the ceremony, some didn't come out so good the lighting was not the best but I wanted to share with you.................
Hope you enjoy!

Our Grad
Robert June 2006

Class assembly
Graduates June 2006

Diploma Time
Class of 2006 Creakstone Creative School

Cone Leaning Right

Please check back soon and I will have picture and stories of my boy!
As you can see I still have not updated this picture as of Febuary 2006 but check our Family photo page and come back soon ans I will have more updated here too!

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