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The Sutton Family Site

All about Patrick

This page will be dedicated to Patrick, his milestones and of course tons of cutie pie pictures.

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Cone Leaning Right

Sorry nothing new here either but check our family page and come back soon I will make time to add some more pictures of my "CAMERA SHY" boy!
JUNE 12 2006- I would like to add our camera shy boy is no longer camera shy and I will soon be posting quite a few pictures of my newest CAMERA HOG!!!!
******NOTE If you click on the pictures they will open in a separate page in a larger format****

Please check back soon and I will have picture and stories of my cutie pie!
Ok for the moment I have no order for the pictures I will post, since I am starting kinda on the fly.....
I will post some of Patrick's most recent pictures and maybe make a few entries for each month backwards? OK?
Well here we go................


Nothing special just a picture taken Aug 2005 of my little boy and his doddie!!!!!
Well I am going to start with a few pictures of my boy no special occasion just a few new pictures to show how much my boy has grown

Caught in the act
of stealing cookies!

Ok so this is a recent picture of one of Patrick's funny moments. I caught him stealing cookies and when I saw him and asked him if he was stealing cookies he covered his face and was absolutly convinced I could no longer see him or the cookie in question (which is in his hand!)
This is a reocurring event (Patrick hides when he's done something he is not supposed to....)
The picture below is him after escaping from his BIG BOY bed (I'll post more about that later) I caught him on the stairs "HIDING"......


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